Recently, a few customers approached me with the following question: “We finished the implementation and training successfully, but we want our Salesforce administrator to continue learning… what should we do?”

Here are some ideas:

1. Send your administrator to a Salesforce User Group

Almost two years ago, upon my return from the Dreamforce conference in London (If you could not attend Dreamforce 2009, you now have the possibility to watch these sessions on You Tube.), I volunteered to open and lead the Israeli nonprofit Salesforce user group.

The user group was a great platform for me (as a director of resource development and the Salesforce administrator of a nonprofit organization) to meet other Salesforce users, share knowledge, face common issues, learn about best practices, and network.

I am happy to announce that I recently volunteered to open the Tennessee/Arkansas nonprofit Salesforce user group. This group will cater specifically to the needs of the Salesforce community in Tennessee and Arkansas and will meet in Memphis.

Here is the information for the First Meeting:

  • Date: Wednesday, January 2oth
  • Time: 9:00-11:00
  • Location: Memphis, TN – I am looking for an organization that would be willing to host/sponsor the event, if you can help please send me an email.

To RSVP for the meeting press here.

Can’t make the meeting but want to stay in the loop?  Join the Tennessee/Arkansas Google Group.

2. Refer them to the Salesforce Community website

This is one of my favorite resources. There’s a lot of information in the Salesforce Community website: Best Practices, “How To’s”, Training & Recordings, and Best Practices.

3. Encourage your administrator to open a Developer Account
This is a great and free platform for your administrator to “play” with Salesforce, customize, and create. Whatever they do on the developer’s account does not harm your organization’s information because it is a separate platform that will never expire.

4. Tell him/her to visit my blog for additional useful tips and information about Salesforce and sign up for my newsletter.