It’s Alive!


The new Salesforce UI (Spring 10) in now alive!

Here is how you turn it on:

Setup | Customize | User Interface | Tick the Enable New User Interface Theme checkbox | Click Save
Please share your thoughts about the new UI.

Spring ’10 is’s 31st release and it brings many exciting new features! I would like to add/update my earlier post about the release and this time, share with you my top 10 favorite features.

Did I miss anything? I am sure I did… so please share your favorite new features in the comments sections as well!

1. Rich Text Support – A new (and exciting) rich text field type!

2. Mobile Lite – View and update accounts, leads, opportunities, cases, solutions and dashboards – ensuring that you can stay connected even when you are on the go.

3. Enhanced Dashboards

a. Create tables with up to four columns.
b. Quickly search for a dashboard in a dashboard finder.

4. Answers – I love this one! Harness the expertise of your community right on your Web site.  It seems to be the “answer” to the Ideas module.

5. Personalized Email alerts – You can now set the “From” Email Address in email alerts to the address of the default workflow user.

6. Search Box – Providing an auto-complete capability that works just like Google.

7. My Domain – Brand your login and navigation URLs,  such as: (limited release).

8. Adobe Flash Builder for – A powerful tool that will enable Adobe Flash(R) development on the platform.

9. New Report Builder for tabular reports (developer preview).

10. New UI? I am still waiting for this one… 🙂 [UPDATE: It’s Alive!!! Learn how to activate it]

Spring 10 Salesforce

Update (Feb 23rd): The new UI is available in Sandbox on the NA7 instance!!!

Update (Feb 9th): The most recent information I have is that the new user interface theme in the Spring ’10 release will not be available until sometime after February 12th, 2010.

Update (Feb 7th): check out Thomas’s comment: “The new salesforce UI theme won’t be available until after all instances have been upgraded. You don’t need to contact your Account Executive, nor phone support [..}.”


How to activate the new Salesforce UI? Just like many others, I logged in to Salesforce yesterday to check out the Spring ’10 features and the new UI and I was really disappointed to find out that the option to enable it is not available.

Rumors on Twitter say that in order to activate the new UI we will need to contact an Account Executive, however, I could not verify this information just yet. I promise to update this blog when more information is available.


Spring 10 BugVery soon the logo at the top left corner of your Salesforce account will change from a snowman into a little red beetle. This means that Salesforce Spring ’10 was released!

I attended a preview webinar of the Salesforce Spring ’10’s new features (check out the Upcoming Events page on my website for to learn about future webinars) and I would like to share just a very limited sampling of the many exciting new updates:

1.  New User Interface

It is about time that Salesforce made some changes in this department. The new UI is more conducive for the social networking era, cleaner, and much simpler.

So… what do you think? The new UI will be available for everyone on February 5th. To activate it go to: Setup | Customize | User Interface.

2. E-mail

There are several interesting enhancements in this field, one of which is the possibility to preview emails (I assume that you already know how to use email templates but if not, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will gladly show you how) before sending them. Here’s how you do it: Setup | Email | My Templates | Send Test and Verify Merge Fields

3. Rich Text

This is one of the most exciting new features 🙂  We will be able change the color of the text, bold, and even add pictures in rich text area fields. For example, they put a picture of an iPhone and bolded the price using this new feature. The only problem with Rich Text is that now users can show their creativity –but sometimes their creativity is not such an aesthetically pleasing thing.

Spring10 -Rich Text

4. Sophisticated Data Modeling

More detailed information about the Spring ’10 release could be found in the Release Notes.