1. The Gmail Labs “Undo Send” button saved me many times, however, until recently I had only 5 seconds to undo sending a message. Google just added new increments: 10 seconds, 20 seconds and now 30 seconds.
  2. Free phone calls, yes free. Google is now offering free phone calls from Gmail to anywhere in the US and Canada! Phone calls will be free “for at least the rest of the year”. I have been using it and I love it!

Online Community

  1. However, free phone calls are not a good reason to abandon other channels.J I really liked Debra Askanase’s post about Designing Social Media Engagement.
  2. Just remember, though, that your engagement should include great contact so here are 20 fantastic content ideas for your online community.
  3. Additionally, as Debra explains, you need to determine the appropriate online spaces and channels. While doing that get your nonprofit started with YouTube and make sure to claim your nonprofit places page on Facebook.
  4. And most importantly, measure your social media outcomes and analyze your website traffic. Here is a great article from NTEN about improving your site’s bounce rate.
  5. Google Grant’s blog has a few good suggestions on how to convert your website visitors into donors.
  6. Finally, I think that all you twitter fans will love this short vide where a giant bird takes over Twitter’s following list:


  1. labs have been very busy recently, with lots of good activity. Specifically, check out: Social Salesforce using LinkedIn Company Insider, Find Nearby, and Birthday Emailer.

No More Dots!


I would like to declare this day as the official No Dots Day! As published in the Google Operating System blog today, it is not required anymore to include dots in our Gmail username.

It means that I can log in to my Gmail account as tal.frankfurt or talfrankfurt. Additionally, Gmail will ignore the dots in the username when receiving a message, so you will get all the messages sent to,, and other similar addresses.

Gmail Login

I love saving time therefore, I was very excited about the new feature Google recently released. Until recently, when I wanted to attach files to an email, I had to use the “Attach a file” button, but not anymore!

If you are using Chrome or Firefox (soon in Explorer as well) the new drag and drop feature will make your life easier.  Just drag and drop files into the body of the email to attach them. It’s really that simple!

Google Attachments Drag and Drop