This is one of Gmails’ most widely requested features and I am so happy that this day is here and Google is finally releasing a rich text support for Gmail’s signature.

Next time you log into Gmail go to the Settings and customize your signature in the signature editor section. You can add links, images, and create stylish formatting.

Gmail rich text editor

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Additionally, as of today, Gmail supports a unique signature for each email address associated with your account.

unique signature for each email address

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This is a new tradition I started last month when I shared with you my best readings from the web. This month’s round-up includes social networks updates, tips, tricks, details on creating your organization’s Google Search Story, advice on online project management tools, and updates from Google Apps. I hope this will help your organization keep up with this month’s cloud discussions!

  1. In light of the recent discussions about Facebook’s privacy issue I loved South Park’s last episode and the battle between Stan and his Facebook profile, who won? I am not sure.
  2. Single? Maybe it is because you don’t own an iPhone 🙂  a recent survey has found that men who own an iPhone are more attractive than those who do not.
  3. The search for a good online project management tool is on! Judi Sohn wrote an excellent post about C3’s needs and desires that ignited a great discussion. There is also a similar thread running in Techsoup’s community.
  4. But this is not the only search out there… do you remember Google’s Super Bowl Ad? We created a similar search story for Cloud for Good; check it out and share with your friends. You can create a similar video for your organization at
  5. Google released many new features and enhancements this month. There were major updates added to Google Docs including the ability to insert calendar invitations. Additionally, I blogged about Gmail’s drag and drop attachments and about the dot-less user name.
  6. New to Twitter? I enjoyed watching Alyssa Milano Teaching Jimmy Kimmel How to Use Twitter. Also, here are 10 Dos and Don’ts for Brands on Twitter and 12 Tips to Engage People on Twitter.
  7. Good suggestions on how to create a technology succession plan, from Idealware.
  8. The Blog Raiser suggests your organization should create an imaginary donor friend.
  9. If you have friends you should listen, I found these good notes from NTC about listening (Amy Sample Ward’s Version of NPTech).
  10. Last but not least, while reading the Google Grants Blog, I was very humbled and excited to read their recommendation of my own Cloud for Good on Facebook in their Resource Round Up for April. I would like to extend this invitation to you all!

No More Dots!


I would like to declare this day as the official No Dots Day! As published in the Google Operating System blog today, it is not required anymore to include dots in our Gmail username.

It means that I can log in to my Gmail account as tal.frankfurt or talfrankfurt. Additionally, Gmail will ignore the dots in the username when receiving a message, so you will get all the messages sent to,, and other similar addresses.

Gmail Login

I love saving time therefore, I was very excited about the new feature Google recently released. Until recently, when I wanted to attach files to an email, I had to use the “Attach a file” button, but not anymore!

If you are using Chrome or Firefox (soon in Explorer as well) the new drag and drop feature will make your life easier.  Just drag and drop files into the body of the email to attach them. It’s really that simple!

Google Attachments Drag and Drop