Technology for Social Change


Hi Everyone,

Blogging is a pretty common thing. You can probably find dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of bloggers who write about technology for nonprofits, and specifically about

As a director of resource development, I also looked for information on line. However, even though the internet makes everything immediately accessible, I did not know where to look for the information and sometimes, I didn’t even know what I was looking for.

Now, as a cloud-technology addict, I thought that it would be wise to start a blog or more importantly, establish a platform where I can share with others my wonderful discoveries and allow others from the social change sector to comment, ask questions, engage in discussions, and share ideas.

I hope that this blog will be the place where you can find all of your answers about information communication technology (ICT), more specifically for and how nonprofit organizations can use this tool!

This is the first post and I would love to her from everyone what you’d like to read in this blog. Please feel free to post ideas, comments, future directions you would like the blog to take, or anything else. You can also shoot me an email directly.

Tal Frankfurt

4 Responses to “Technology for Social Change”

  1. Justin Says:

    Technology for non-profits… Our company has been serviceing many industries with an innovative tool that gets more consumers to engage with traditional advertising.

    in just the last 45 days, we decided to take this innovation to the NPO’s. So far they love it… AMRC, Major non-proft hospitals, ALS, etc… are already working with us.

    There may be a fit for the salesforce product and our technology that will help the non-profits even greater.

    Our tech give sthe potential donor a completely new to interact with the org and give. Its simple… and very effective.

    Id love to hear your thoughts on how you think we can help orgs even better.


  2. Hi Justin, thank you for posting the first comment! How did you hear about my blog?

    Your product is very innovative! In today’s web 2.0 world we need to make sure that we are engaging our customers and not interrupting them and I believe that your product does that.

    However, I do think that you guys should consider ways of making this service more personal. Donors are not one conformist audience; they are a diverse group of dynamic individuals who demand reflective and not static information. Each one of them is interested in other aspects of the organizations we are serving and we need to find this exact interest to engage them.

  3. Carl White Says:

    As an individual, working as a salesman for one of the top Cadillac dealers in the country, I am researching the most effective way to drive traffic to my website and me.

    Here is my status to date:

    Rough draft of website.

    A list of nearly 2000 e-mail addresses.

    Setting up with Constant Contact.

    Preparing two blogs; one business, one civic

    Dealership has ‘Dealer Socket’

    A little underwhelmed with it all, would appreciate any comments or criticisms.

    I found your blog through a WindowsLive help engine.

  4. Hi Carl,
    Please note that I am specializing in technology for nonprofit organizations and usually don’t work with for-profit companies.
    However, my main question is how do you manage the 2000 email? What kind of information are you collecting? Do you have marketing emails for potential customers and emails for customers?

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